The stunning video for my new track ‘All Over’ feat. Alphabet’s Heaven has been premiered by Clash Magazine. I collaborated with producer Alphabet’s Heaven for the first in a series of free downloads.

The video created by fellow Brightonian Jeb Hardwick features giant alien jellyfish wreaking havock on a futurustic cityscape…it’s epic!

All Over mp3 Thumbnail

Read the article and watch the video here

And download the track for free here

Alex Banks – A Matter of Time – Monkeytown

Floating Points – Montparnasse – Eglo

Ultraista – Gold Dayzz (Maribou State Remix) – I Am Fortified

Monokle – Even – K.I.

Daniel Avery – All I Need – Phantasy Sound

Egokind, Ozean – Eyez – Lenient Tales

Alex Banks – Initiate – Monkeytown

Pedestrian – Drop Bear – Born Electric

Alex Banks, Alphabets Heaven – All Over Again – Unreleased Exclusive

Alex Banks (feat.Elizabeth Bernholz) – Be the One – Monkeytown

artworks-000081613121-gz1bku-t200x200Check out my latest DJ Mix for Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel Podcast:

Having spent a lot of time focussing on producing my new album recently, I’ve not recorded a DJ mix for a while so I wanted to put something together that includes some of my favourite tracks from sets I’ve played out in the past year or so, as well some of brand new stuff I’m really excited by at the moment. As the music I make is influenced by a wide range of styles, I’ve also tried to incorporate that into my DJ sets, so here you’ll find downtempo electronica mixed with full on dance floor smashers and everything between. There’s also a few tracks from the new album and an exclusive preview of my forthcoming release on the next Modeselektion Vol.3 compilation out 27th June